Angel of the Titanic

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Ripple in Time - Angel of the Titanic


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Wren's dreams become entangled with those of someone who lived 100 years ago. Fearing he is losing his mind,Wren googles the name of young girl he dreams of. He finds her story in a book entitled 'Survivors of the Titanic.'
Through Wren, the girl becomes aware of the tragedy awaiting and manages to avert disaster by warning the crew. What happens next tears the very fabric of time itself, creating an alternative history. If this world is not to become reality, Wren must use the mythical sword Excalibur to turn back time, harnessing the power of ancient standing stones.
Wren is trapped at Stonehenge. Stepping from its protective circle means he will cease to exist. Here at least he has some kind of half life in spirit form.
As days then weeks pass, this version of the world becomes more solid, and his chances to turn back time and restore reality fade.
Wren needs to convince his cousin Rhyllann to bring the mystical sword Caliburn (Excalibur) to Stonehenge. They must turn back time, and ensure that the Titanic fulfils her destiny.
Unfortunately, the only person who can see him is a crazy old woman. Luckily she has a fiesty granddaughter. Carrie only plays along to humour gran at first. But soon she is running for her life. She comes to realise that although Wren may not be on the side of the angels, he is certainly on her side.
Without so much as a kiss, Carrie begins to fall in love with the enigmatic Wren. Too late, she discovers just how ruthless he can be. Too late she discovers the true secret of the stones. In order to reverse the order of the stars, Wren not only needs Excalibur. He also needs the blood of a virgin. 

What others say: 

"Starting out as a 'quest' story - Wren has to get Rhyllann to bring a mythical sword to Stonehenge - this develops into the sweetest most unusual love story ever. .... If you enjoy romantic adventure with a touch of mystic, you'll enjoy this."

"I enjoyed this original story. The characters are strongly drawn and quarrel and snipe convincingly. When Carrie realises Wren is in love with her I felt for both of them."

"The characters develop well throughout and the way they interact is plausible and heart warming. The book itself is well written and thought provoking, leaving the reader guessing as to what will happen next." 

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